How to play PS4 games on PC

how to play ps4 games on pc

Good news, you can now play PS4 games on PC without investing into the console. But it somewhat needs a bit of spending since you will actually require an internet before you will be able to do so.
With the existence of Sony’s game streaming service, you can gain access and have many library of PS4 games at your very disposal. It is not different when it comes to playing any of them. With a normal PC gaming console, you are good to get started.

Based on the look of what I wrote in the other paragraph, I don’t think you should be too happy. You won’t have the best selection, but it is much more manageable.

If you like to easily start this moment, you need to have PlayStation Now client. You can do that by typing it on top search engines. The installation is the same like any other program you run on your computer. Moreover, it is windows executable file. So, Mac users can’t do anything about this rather than to get the real console. When you are through with that, just plug in your game-pad controller into your PC. Mind you, you can’t use the controller to move around the game menu, you need to adapt to your mouse.
On the app main menu, scroll to see a list of PS4 games, then pick anyone you desire. For now, they just have only 20 games. According to Sony, more will be included into the list in few years.
Though, those games are top for PS4, so you shouldn’t worry if there will be bunch of non-interesting ones.

From my own test, the video quality was just 720p and the screen was so stretched on some action games. In terms on internet, my connection was not so strong. So, I experienced lots of lag, which made it well more boring. Despite this, it was still playable, but not better than PC games.

But, as Sony has promised to increase the graphic quality, add more HD games and makes streaming connection a lot easier; by reducing the speed required for gaming, I think playing PS4 games on PC will be fantastic when they do so. For now, you better stick with that PC game. But, if you actually need to try and confirm, there is no restriction from during so. Just let me know if your own experience differs, I will be willing to retry and update this article for any changes great performance and changes found.

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