How to gain loyalty on FIFA 17


In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team one of the things that worries all users is to have a high chemical. There are different ways to achieve that, by default; the chemistry of our staff is very high and even 100%. But sometimes, for lack of time, coins or just bad luck with envelopes, we are not able to upload 80%.

In Xombit Games we have already talked about how the chemistry works and what we need to do to have it at 100%. But for those times when we fail and we want to raise the loyalty of the players, there is a trick that comes from pearls. We can serve both for our staff to complete some challenges as something tedious template on FIFA 17 ultimate team hack.

The trick of loyalty in FIFA 17

To achieve the loyalty of the players with the bonus of chemistry that entails, we need to play games, particularly in October. It is a good idea to keep a good number of cards contract in our inventory, if we want our plant-let last will be essential. In addition to one of the best ways to save and earn coins indirectly.

Normally we would think about playing online games and even tournaments or days to do this, but if you do not want to risk going wrong and appearing on the markers, this is the trick we need. To save us this entire headache and do it fast, we just need to play against the team of the week, which is nothing other than against the AI.

We can do this ten times very quickly, without really play the games, and so raise the loyalty of all our players. It is a bit tricky but nothing that is prohibited. We play the game with the players we are interested climb loyalty, hope to throw and left the game.

To exit, you have to press the Windows PC (or ctrl + alt + delete), or the center button on the controls of Playstation or Xbox. Because, if we get out too rough in the game, we will understand that we played that game, and if we do ten times, we will see how the loyalty of the players has risen and with it chemistry. That said, we also apply to those templates of the challenges that sometimes we resist chemistry.


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