Clash Royale: tips and tricks to become unbeatable

clash royale beginner game

Available on Android or iOS, the Royal Clash video game requires strategy, method and rigor.Here are some keys to maximize your chances of becoming the king of the game.

After the famous Clash of Clans, the mobile publisher Supercell returns with a mix of MOBA, board and collectible card game. The principle sounds simple: two towers, a castle and all kinds of possible attacks.Although all this suggests that the game is easy, mistrust … In reality, it is a balancing bead and strategy which we must prepare.

Choose the right cards

Optimize deck (paying or not) is a matter of patience, strategy and consistency. But first a little math. The game has (at the time of writing) 54 cards divided into four types: common, rare, epic and legendary, each winner of six to twelve levels. If you plan to develop all these people, you have for months. Better to focus on a few units and adapt your decks. quickly improve your fighters is a full-time job.

Start the game every four hours for open and free safety boxes every three hours for those with money. Order the opening of Barbary gold overnight (eight hours to count the opening of a chest of gold) and made the best possible games to fill the chest crowns (safe releasable every 24 hours). Each arena unblocks its own types of units. The ideal is to have all obtained before entering the level and move to the next arena, even deliberately lose a few games. This is also an opportunity to test some exotic decks, since the victory does not matter.You can, at worst, buy the missing card in stores.

Knowing the different units

  • Tanks
    What are the most robust of your fighters and sent to target the enemy to mobilize its armed forces or the second wave of attack, the first cost much elixir and troops to the other side. It is advisable to have at least one per deck.
  • The AOE (area of damage)
    These units are out when the enemy is redundant because they hit several fighters at a time. Difficult to pass.
  • The buildings
    Gather the elixir, defend your area and regularly send armies to overwhelm the enemy are their roles. These are not the simplest elements to master, but they often direct the strategy of decks that are filled.
  • Spells
    Just as the AOE, they are primarily intended to counter a massive attack, but also practical to complete a turn already damaged.
  • Fighters
    This section provides the other warriors of the game, but keep in mind that each has its specialties: attack, defense, combat air assaults or specialize in building attack … the capabilities of each warrior are detailed in its info Record Maps menu. Feel free to refer to it or, even better, to memorize, it will be useful on the battlefield.

Adapt your deck level

Three decks locations are available in the menu card.Take the opportunity to vary the pleasures with an aggressive deck (based on the attack), a defense and versatile. Beginners should focus on an average cost of 3.5 elixir, while advanced players can risk more easily to four or more. Be careful though not to freeze your deck with cards too costly.

To get a good start, it is advisable to have an antiaircraft card, a spell, a AOE, a tank, a unit at low cost and a defensive building. The seventh card will compose a combo with one of those previously selected. The eighth change depending weaknesses noticed on the battlefield.

Remember that there is no perfect deck, everything depends on your opponent, how you spend your essence and your cool on the battlefield. Here we present a beginner deck mat, but above all, be creative and original to surprise the opponent.

Jason deck: winner of the Helsinki tournament

The whole attack is centered on the Giant. Launched from the back of the castle, it progresses slowly and the combo is created when the archers and goblins come to support. The other two combinations are with the barbarian and the pig Rider. All that being hungry enough elixir, the extractor can be doubled to frequently send combos.

Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a clan

When you reach level 3, do not wait a second before joining a clan. The game wins in usability, but it is not the main concern. First, it is possible to request a free card every eight hours with your clan. It is rare that your wish will not be fulfilled quickly, because the one that meets your application sees rewarded with some gold and experience points. Obviously you pull the same benefits of a card sold to an ally member and this is where the store makes sense. Every day appear in the store a common map, a rare and epic.

The first three community cards cost 2, 4 and 6 pieces of gold and related parts and a 5 experience points if you give in to a clan member. The first rare card bought cost 20 gold, she reported 50 rooms and 10 experience points.

Consider making your market and your daily exchanges to win some cash and experience. Epic card, dear, should only be purchased if you have not unlocked in a previous arena or the gain level it grants to a unit worth the expense.

Establish foremost strategy

Have good cards in hand is far from sure of victory, we must master three parameters: place the units, preserving elixir counter the opponent. The beginning of a game story is patience. It is customary to wait until the gauge is approaching 10 and see if the enemy reacts, if not to launch an attack. Above all, do not waste all your elixir immediately, because the enemy then organize a defense while attacking on another front. This is also an advice to follow for the whole battle: never take your gauge to zero, less than face an extreme situation.

The starting position of an army should not be overlooked. Do not throw a single unit on the top of your field hoping for a result. The penalty would be against using a less expensive and bloody fighting replica with the elixir of surplus saved by the opponent. If you are organizing an attack with combo, nothing prevents you from placing a tank at the bottom of the screen. You see progress as your elixir gauge rises. Then send faster battalion in support when it reaches the top of your field.But again, there is no fixed rule.

If an attack has led the opposition to spend a lot of elixir in defense, send a quick card (a prince, for example) on the edge of enemy territory ensures a lot of trouble until the defense is organized. You will have taken the offensive ascendancy to you to make the best.

Taming of attack and defense mechanisms

There is no trump card, each with its weaknesses and a unit for profit. For example, the skeleton army easily routs Giant, but an arrow of fate actually ossicles. Send a Sorcerer drive the barbarians, it will make only a mouthful, but if the opponent with a replica Mini PEKKA, your unit is muggle, then disappears. To retain these elements, no other solution that many train with its decks, even making friendly games in your clan to not lose experience points and memorize all the combinations.

Another method to calm an offensive is a diversion. In this case, the process is simple, just place a bomb Tour, a Tesla or a cannon on the top of your field, to distract the enemies of your castle. Let us finally combos. This is the time to find two or three cards, launched simultaneously, beyond the enemy. A tank to collect associated with a ball to hit the turrets also an effective offensive with clash royale hack.

From our side, we like to tease the opponent with a freezing spell and a pig Rider. Again, multiply the games to find the best combos or watch TV Royale to inspire good ideas from the community.




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